Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Brittany

These are two cards for my neice birthday. She loves Hello Kitty.

This cut is from Forever Young. I think this is my new favorite cart.

Since Brittany is the queen of text messages, I made the inside with all text abbreviations. Can you decode it? lol :)


  1. I feel REALLY old right now because I can't figure out half of what that says! Those are cute cards, sis!

  2. Great card idea! I think it says "WHAT UP BRITT. (URA..not sure about) I HOPE YOU HAVE A REALLY GREAT BIRTHDAY. DON'T PARTY TOO HARD.....ok I give up on the rest. lol When I text, I use full words. lol

  3. I am really going to have to get this cart!!! This is another amazing card!