Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love Machine

Hello Crafters! I was asked to be a guest designer on The Bug Bytes.  I was really excited to design somthing for Pam's blog so  I made a card from the Robotz cartridge. I am a card maker first and a scrapper second so I really enjoyed making this card. I love this cartridge but I needed it to work for my passion of cards. I looked at several of the robotz to see if I could weld them together to a make a card. I finally came up with this idea.
To begin I added 2 images of the robot to my screen, overlapping them so that they are connected in the middle. By doing this it will eliminate one of the arms but I will show you how I added that back in a bit. Be sure to weld your image!

I then added another page to add my layers to the mat. I added the layers twice because I wanted then in 2 different colors. I also copied one image of the robot from the first page. (this ties in with that overlapping arm)

Fold the welded robot in the middle to make the card. Take the single robot and glue it on top of the folded card robot.

Tada! Our robot now has 2 arms!

I used word to print my sentiment on a blank sheet of paper. I then used clever someday’s hinge method - http://cleversomeday.wordpress.com/2009/09/22/hinge-technique-for-cutting-printouts/ - to cut out the robot with the sentiment.

I cut off the arms and antennas and added this to the inside of the card.

I added the layers to the front of the card and used my black gel pen to accent a few areas to complete the look.

Thanks Pam for having me! I had alot of fun creating this card. Be sure to visit The Bug Bytes for other great projects!


  1. what an awesome job! He is so cute. He can be my love machine anytime!!

  2. This is a FANTASTIC robot card i love it